Why Private Mobile

Private Mobile is on a mission to bring back a reasonable expectation of privacy to Americans when using their mobile phones. We believe your data is your data. It’s not to be shared or sold, tracked or traded without your consent. And we make granting or withholding your consent easy. By being more transparent we give our customers more control over their individual privacy.

Largest 5G Network

We use the existing carrier’s mobile network to provide you with the same footprint for less!

Unlimited Talk & Text

When we say unlimited we really mean it.


We don’t collect your personal data so there’s nothing to sell to advertisers. Take that big carriers!

Free calling!

Free & unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia, France.

Wi-Fi calling

Save data! Switch your call to Wi-Fi anytime when it's nearby.


We make it easy to port over your phone number painlessly and seamlessly.

Switching to Private Mobile is easy!

Our mission is to give you the same great coverage and service without you having to worry about us selling your data! We care about your privacy just as much as you do, so we don’t keep or trade your data.

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